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Applications for transport hubs

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Never be surprised by a surge  in waiting lines. With our mobility analysis solution, you can predict waiting times and dynamically reallocate resources and inform passengers based on precise historical data and current people flow at the entrances.


Zone Occupancy

Get a real-time understanding of how many people are in your facilities or specific areas of interest. Get the data you need to Improve the floorplan for a smoother traffic of people.

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Zone Intrusion


Thanks to the highly accurate location system, you can enhance passenger safety by automatically detecting line or zone crossing, 24/7, indoor or outdoor and in all weather conditions, to trigger appropriate on-the-spot reaction.

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Journey Mapping

Get the full picture. Where are your passengers? Where do they spend time? Where are they losing time? Is there any bottleneck you can remove to better their experience?

How it works

Our solution uses LiDAR technology to collect and analyse data in real-time, providing accurate insights into crowd behavior and patterns. The data is processed using advanced machine learning algorithms to generate a comprehensive view of the crowd, allowing cities to make informed decisions and take action in real time. The platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard for cities to view and analyze the data, with customizable reports for easy decision-making.

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Key features

LiDAR technology allows precise, privacy respectful and scalable acquisition of data

Real-time crowd management and people counting using LiDAR technology. Easy access to historical data for before/after comparison and A/B testing.

Accurate data and insights on crowd density, movement, and demographics

GDPR-compliant data management, by default.

Easy-to-use platform with customizable dashboard and reports. Data is also available through an API.

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