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Urban Mobility

Ever changing mobility patterns create source of struggle and opportunities for the cities. Our solution uses advanced technology to collect and analyse data in real-time, providing accurate insights into people mobility patterns. The data is processed using machine learning algorithms to generate a comprehensive view of people and vehicles, allowing you to make informed decisions and take action proactively.

Turn people flow into insights

If you can analyse the way people navigate your website or your e-shop, why would that be any different for physical spaces like cities, airports, or museums?

People movement is an untapped source of valuable data. Get an edge and improve visitors, customers and citizens experience in your physical space.

At a busy intersection, in a roaring stadium, or at your favorite shopping mall, we can help you leverage the way people move without compromising their privacy.

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PRivacy compliant, GDPR, LiDAR

While respecting their privacy

Privacy is a central concern in data sourcing. Both private and public organisations are well aware of this and are constantly taking measures to protect their consumers or citizens by ensuring their privacy. This is why we are only using LiDAR technology, no camera, no cellular data, nothing that can retrieve individual information or characteristics.

LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging. This type of sensing device will illuminate the scene and record the time it takes for the light to come back. Based on that information, we can have a precise 3-dimensional map of that scene and a deep understanding of volume, speed and location of each object on that scene.

We have transcended the need of privacy-compliant analysis by focusing first on anonymous behavioral analysis rather than on the individuals themselves. We are  committed to pushing the boundaries of analytics to help cities thrive and adapt their constantly evolving needs.

A Turnkey Solution

There is nothing worse than spending money on a solution that does not do the job and we do not want unhappy customers. With Flow Analytics, we proactively generate a simulation based on your layout and use cases, ensuring that you are well informed about the performance, help you make the most informed solution.

Our plug-and-play solution is hassle free. No GDPR-compliance issue, no need to interrupt your operations, all we need is a power supply and we take care of the rest.

Our platform has been built together with customers like you to make sure our features are as relevant as possible. You need another configuration? No problem, manage the KPIs yourself or integrate the data into your platform with an API.

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Intelligent decision-making driven by informed data-analysis

Our use of cutting-edge LiDAR technology provides us unparalleled precision in physical detection. 

This technology distinguishes itself by effortlessly differentiating pedestrians from two-wheelers, cars, buses, and trucks with great precision. 

Moreover it offers a longer range compared to traditional camera-based technologies, enabling long-distance tracking regardless of day or night, as it generates its own light source.

Transform spatial intelligence into actionable data

New plan assessment

How efficient is your new mobility plan? How many people are passing by a given area then safely redirected where you want them to?

Visitor journey analysis

Where are people coming from and where are they going after they've been through a certain zone of interest?

Heatmap and floor planning

How is your footfall used? Is pedestrian traffic in line with your floor planning strategy?