Spatial intelligence solutions


Our solution uses advanced technology to collect and analyze data in real-time, providing accurate insights into people mobility patterns. The data is processed using machine learning algorithms to generate a comprehensive view of the crowd, allowing customers to make informed decisions and take action in real-time.

Turn people flow into insights

If you can analyze the way people navigate your website or your e-shop, why would that be any different for physical spaces like cities, airports, or museums?

People movement is an untapped source of valuable data. Get an edge and improve visitors, customers and citizens experience in your physical space.

Whether you represent a brick and mortar business, a city or a transport hub, leverage people flow to improve your visitor experience.

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PRivacy compliant, GDPR, LiDAR

While respecting their privacy

We believe 100% privacy compliant solution is the only sustainable way to do crowd analytics. This is why we are only using LiDAR technology, no camera, no cellular data, nothing that can retrieve individual information or characteristics.

LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging. This type of sensing device will illuminate the scene and record the time it takes for the light to come back. Based on that information, we can have a precise 3-dimensional map of that scene.

Unlike cameras, having "only" an understanding of volume and location in the scene for each object does not give any other personal information about a person.

Don't compromise your aesthetics

With our various integration options from casings to digital panels, crowd analytics doesn't have to be ugly.

Thanks to our collaboration with Wideye Rhino startup, we integrate sensors behind black glass that is 100% in the infrared.

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LiDAR integration behind glass
Pedestrian LiDAR all weather conditions

Make it work in any condition

Since LiDARs emit their own infrared light, they do not depend on the time of the day, the weather or the light conditions. This is again a great advantage compared to cameras that are dependent on external lighting conditions.

Transform spatial intelligence into actionable data

Conversion analysis, funnel measurement
Physical funnel measurement

How efficient is your new marketing campaign? How many people passing by a given area then redirected where you want them to?

Journey anaysis mapping with paths
Visitor journey analysis

Where are people coming from and where are they going after they've been through a certain zone of interest?

Foot traffic, heatmap and floor planning
Heatmap and floor planning

How is your footfall used? Is pedestrian traffic in line with your floor planning strategy?