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Transforming Retail, One Data Point at a Time

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You can't improve what you don't measure

The retail industy is constantly seeking innovative and efficient way to fulfill customer demands and meet investment expectations. We offer you valuable assistance by enabling you to optimise store layouts, staff allocation, and product placements, thereby enhancing the overall shopping experience and boosting sales. 

Applications for Retail

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People Counting

Get real-time queue measurement and prediction based on how many people are inside and compare people flow before and after layout changes to avoid congestion.

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Marketing Campaign Assessment

Understand how customers navigate from one place to another and whether they react positively to a new configuration or maketing campaign.

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Heat Mapping

Understand how shoppers move, where they spend time, where they don't spend money, where they dwell.

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Space Occupancy & Utilisation

Measure live occupancy and waiting lines to better plan and assign staff more dynamically and proactively.

How it works

Our solution uses LiDAR technology to collect and analyse data in real-time, providing accurate insights into crowd behavior and patterns. The data is processed using advanced machine learning algorithms to generate a comprehensive view of the crowd, allowing cities to make informed decisions and take action in real time. The platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard for cities to view and analyze the data, with customizable reports for easy decision-making.

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Key features


Real-time crowd management and people counting using LiDAR technology

Accurate data and insights on crowd density, movement, and demographics

GDPR-compliant data management, by default.

Easy-to-use platform with customizable dashboard and reports. Data is also available through an API.

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