Crowd analytics for cities

Are you looking to enhance safety, optimize public spaces, and make data-driven decisions in your city? Our cutting-edge crowd analytics solution, powered by LiDAR technology, provides real-time insights into crowd behavior and patterns, enabling cities to make informed decisions.

Key features


Real-time crowd management and people counting using LiDAR technology

Accurate data and insights on crowd density, location, and movement

GDPR-compliant data management, by default.

Easy-to-use platform with customizable dashboard and reports. Data is also available through an API.

Crowd analytics for cities

Applications for the cities

concert photos


Improved crowd management and safety planning for events, public spaces, and emergency response

person pointing white paper on wall


Better understanding of public spaces usage and optimization for planning and resource allocation

people walking on road near well-lit buildings


Understand conversion rate of the different types of businesses in a street and measure the impact of a new city policy and foot traffic

group of people entering a brown hallway


Optimize access to transport hubs, public facilities and city buildings. Measure the number of people using public transport and the efficacy of a campaign

How it works

Our solution uses LiDAR technology to collect and analyze data in real-time, providing accurate insights into crowd behavior and patterns. The data is processed using advanced machine learning algorithms to generate a comprehensive view of the crowd, allowing cities to make informed decisions and take action in real time. The platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard for cities to view and analyze the data, with customizable reports for easy decision-making.

Trustworthy and Secure

We understand the importance of protecting personal data, which is why our crowd analytics solution is fully GDPR compliant. We use secure data management practices to ensure the privacy and protection of all individuals.

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