Monitoring Historical Spaces

A GDPR-Compliant People Counting Solution in Ioannina

In Ioannina, Greece, we've undertaken a remarkable project at Flow Analytics, together with our customer DotSoft. Our task was to monitor an ancient municipality building while ensuring GDPR compliance. The goal was to track the building's usage for events and enhance security, all without compromising privacy.

The Objective

To optimize event planning, improve security, and gain insights into community dynamics by accurately tracking the number of people inside the ancient municipality building.

Privacy Concerns and Camera-Based Solutions

Initial solutions involving cameras raised significant GDPR-related privacy concerns. Compliance was non-negotiable.

Data Collection and Processing

Since then, the whole fully integrated solution system has been installed and the data collection and processing has started. The City has full access of live and historical data through an API integrated to their own current monitoring system and is offering the most efficient and secure flow of people on a daily basis.

Always secured and privacy compliant​

In Ioannina, we've demonstrated how technology and tradition can coexist, showcasing the importance of privacy and GDPR compliance in public monitoring projects. For similar solutions or more information, contact us.

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