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Within this ever-changing environment, both individuals and organisations inevitably come across unidentified problems that require precise and actionable information. We strongly believe there's a need to anticipate, handle, and manage change - effectively and efficiently.

With real-time data and advanced  privacy-compliant analytics tools, Flow Analytics is dedicated to helping cities see and understand how they need to tackle urban challenges, optimise their operations and make informed decisions about safety and security.

Whether you're managing a city representative, an event planning company, a retail store, or a transport hub coordinator, our solution is versative and provides efficient and practical data for well identified use cases. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance urban fluidity and tackle today's urban challenges with precision!

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People mobility is the heartbeat of a city. Understand and improve multimodal traffic of your city to achieve the harmonious ecosystem you aspire to. Study impact of new policies and improve safety at intersections for an enhanced and sustainable urban environment.

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You are seeking ways to fulfill customer demands and meet investment expectations. We offer valuable insights to optimise your layout, staff allocation, and product placement to enhance the overall shopping experience and boost sales.

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Transport hubs

Making people move is you core business. Understanding how they move within your facility is ours. Anticipate queues, allocate staff dynamically and raise security alerts when needed, leading to smoother and more efficient operations.

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You are on the lookout fo technology-based solutions to address commercial requirements and surpass attendee expectations. We provide insights to enhance operations, predict crowd behaviour, ensure safety, avoid hazardous crowd movement, or simply measure success.

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We are in good company.  By partnering with best-in-class companies worldwide, we have strengthened our global reach and are better equipped to understand how people move in their environment.

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